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Underpinning and Basement Lowering

Royal Waterproofing takes pride in following a systematic and detailed process for underpinning and basement lowering. Our objective is to ensure that your property remains safe while maintaining its integrity at all times. Here's an overview of our comprehensive approach:

Stabilizing Your home

Underpinning and basement lowering are two specialized construction processes that can be used to fortify or enlarge an existing building foundation. These techniques require expertise in order to achieve optimal results. This article provides a comprehensive explanation of each process, so you have all the information needed before deciding which option is best for your project.

Foundation Repair

Underpinning is a critical process that involves reinforcing and stabilizing the foundation of an existing building or structure. This technique is typically used when the original foundation becomes inadequate for supporting the weight load due to either unstable soil beneath it or changes brought about by additional construction/alterations. The primary objectives behind underpinning include:

1) Reinforce weak foundations so they can bear more weight without collapsing

2) Stabilize sinking structures caused by shifting soil conditions

3) Prevent further damage from occurring due to poor drainage systems around buildings’ foundations

4) Ensure structural integrity remains intact even during earthquakes or other natural disasters

5) Extend lifespan of older buildings by improving their stability over time through periodic maintenance checks.

6) Enhance safety measures within buildings by ensuring all occupants are protected against any potential risks associated with faulty foundations.

7) Increase property values by addressing underlying issues before attempting resale or refinancing options.


Overall, underpinning plays a crucial role in maintaining safe and stable environments where people live and work every day. It helps prevent costly repairs down the line while keeping everyone out of harm’s way.

Foundation issues can arise due to various reasons such as soil subsidence or incorrect design/construction. These problems may cause cracks in walls and floors leading up to structural damage over time if left untreated. However with proper intervention measures like stabilizing foundations through additional load bearing capacity support; correcting faults during construction phase itself; or protecting against nearby excavation risks by strengthening foundations – these issues can be addressed effectively before they escalate into major concerns for building owners!

The underpinning process is crucial for stabilizing foundations that have been compromised by soil instability or other factors. This involves extending the depth of existing footings downwards until they reach a more stable stratum such as bedrock or hardpan soils.

The method used depends on various considerations including building requirements, site conditions and project constraints; common techniques include mass concrete underpinning (traditional approach), beam & base underpinning systems along with mini piled methods among others.

Basement Lowering - What You Need To Know

Basement lowering, also referred to, as underpinning or benching is an upgrade that raises the ceiling height of your basement. This process involves excavating beneath the foundation of your home and extending it deeper into the ground resulting in a more spacious and practical basement area.

There are two methods used for basement lowering:

Underpinning: This technique involves reinforcing the existing foundation by excavating below it and pouring concrete supports. It is one of 2 options for maximizing headroom.

Benching: This method focuses on creating a ledge around the perimeter of the basement. Workers excavate around the foundation. Construct walls inward forming a “bench” between the old and new walls. Benching is less expensive alternative although it slightly reduces the overall floor space.

Advantages of Basement Lowering

Expanded Usable Area: Convert a confined and underused basement into a living space with options like extra bedrooms, home offices, entertainment areas or additional storage.

Increased Property Value

A renovated basement, with increased headroom can significantly boost the resale value of your home.

Basement Lowering

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Royal's work crew was courteous, professional and efficient. Not only were they managed by a foreman, but Bill himself regularly attended at my house to personally supervise the work and ensure that the work proceeded smoothly.

I am an extremely happy customer of Royal Waterproofing, and I would not hesitate whatsoever in recommending them to anyone who needs waterproofing work done.
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I am pleased to recommend the services of Royal Waterproofing. The damp smell we had in our basement due to moisture seeping in is no longer evident. Bill and his team were very professional in their dealings with us before, during and after the work was done. Details and expectations were clearly explained. They were all a pleasure to deal with.