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Foundation Crack Repair Toronto

Don't Let Foundation Cracks Compromise Your Home! Get Expert Repair from Royal Waterproofing Toronto. Get a Free Foundation Crack Assessment.

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  • Since 1985, Royal Waterproofing Toronto is your solution for lasting foundation crack repair.
  • Our licensed experts use the latest techniques and materials to restore the structural integrity of your home. Don’t risk further damage, call us today!

The Problem & Our Solution

  • Problem: Foundation cracks: The hidden threat to your home’s stability, safety, and value. Foundation cracks can cause leaks, mold, uneven floors, and costly structural problems. Over time, they can worsen, jeopardizing your home’s structural integrity and decreasing its resale value.
  • Solution: Royal Waterproofing Toronto: Your foundation crack repair experts. We provide thorough assessments, tailored repair plans, and lasting solutions to protect your investment.


Foundation Crack Repair:
We specialize in comprehensive foundation crack repair to stop leaks, prevent further damage, and restore your home’s structural integrity. Our services include:

  • Interior and Exterior Crack Repair: We address cracks from both sides of the foundation when necessary, ensuring a watertight seal.

  • Epoxy Injection: Our experts use high-strength epoxy injections to fill and bond cracks, providing excellent structural support.

  • Polyurethane Injection: We utilize flexible polyurethane injections to seal cracks and prevent water intrusion, especially in areas prone to movement.

  • Structural Reinforcement (if needed): In cases of severe damage, we offer structural reinforcement solutions to restore the foundation’s stability and prevent future problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Look for these common signs:

  • Cracks in your basement walls or floors
  • Doors or windows that stick or are difficult to open/close
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Water seepage or dampness in your basement
  • Musty odors in your basement

If you notice any of these, contact Royal Waterproofing Toronto for a professional assessment.

Several factors contribute to foundation cracks in Toronto:

  • Soil conditions: Toronto’s clay-rich soil expands and contracts with moisture changes, putting pressure on foundations.
  • Frost heave: Freezing and thawing cycles of the ground can cause foundation movement and cracking.
  • Tree roots: Large, tree roots near your foundation can exert pressure and cause cracks.
  • Poor drainage: Water buildup around your foundation increases pressure and the risk of cracks.

While DIY kits exist, it’s strongly recommended to hire a professional for foundation crack repair. Improper repairs can worsen the problem or mask underlying structural issues. Professionals ensure the root cause is addressed and the repair is done correctly.

The cost varies depending on the crack’s size, location, cause, and the repair method chosen. That’s why Royal Waterproofing Toronto offers free assessments and estimates. We’ll provide a transparent breakdown of costs before any work begins.

Yes! Royal Waterproofing Toronto stands behind our work. We offer 25 year warranties on our foundation crack repairs, giving you peace of mind.

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Al P

Homeowner, Toronto

We thought that your men who worked on our house were professionals; hard-working, skilled, thorough, obviously proud of their workmanship, personally courteous and respectful of our house and privacy.

They did an excellent job in cleaning up at the end of each day and at the contracts completion.
Stephen N


Royal's work crew was courteous, professional and efficient. Not only were they managed by a foreman, but Bill himself regularly attended at my house to personally supervise the work and ensure that the work proceeded smoothly.

I am an extremely happy customer of Royal Waterproofing, and I would not hesitate whatsoever in recommending them to anyone who needs waterproofing work done.
Eloise L


I am pleased to recommend the services of Royal Waterproofing. The damp smell we had in our basement due to moisture seeping in is no longer evident. Bill and his team were very professional in their dealings with us before, during and after the work was done. Details and expectations were clearly explained. They were all a pleasure to deal with.